CAE Capital provides financing solutions

complementary to those of traditional

financial institutions.

Thanks to our specialization in bridge loans, we meet your short-term financing needs quickly and tangibly. CAE Capital’s solutions are tailored to your particular situation so that you can achieve your specific growth objectives and develop your business’s innovation potential.


A Word from the Executive Director

The theme of the 2017-2018 annual report was RENEWAL – the RENEWAL of our service offer, of our strategic positioning, of our administrative and governance practices; the RENEWAL of our portfolio, of our team, and of a portion of the membership on our Board of Directors. With all of those RENEWALS implemented and integrated, 2018-2019 […]

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Presentation of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of CAE Capital

We are pleased to present a series of short vignettes introducing you to some of our board members. Let’s start with our president! Ms. Nathalie Berthiaume, Director, Change Management at BDC. She has been a director of the CAE since 2009 and Chair of the Board of Directors of CAE Capital since June 2018. Ms. […]

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Press Release

The “LADN Montérégie” 2018 edition contest is launched! It is with great enthusiasm and excitement that the Montérégie Entrepreneurship Action Table, in collaboration with its partners and ambassadors, proceeded on November 1 to the launch of the 2018 edition of the “LADN Montérégie” contest, at District 1 LASERTAG, whose owner, Mr. Benoît Duchaine was the winner of the “Audace” prize of the 2017 edition.

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