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Place to the succession

Nearly $12.5 million in approved loans this year for 48 projects. This constitutes a record in the history of the CAE. A total of $118.3 million of loans have been disbursed since our company’s founding. Dozens and dozens of companies have been assisted for their start-up, growth, and consolidation needs. The transformation of our Cercles d’entraide / initiative which now offer services to both men and women, has enabled more than 200 people to examine the feasibility of their business projects and 24 future entrepreneurs to be assisted in starting up their companies using the Soutien au travail autonome (STA) measure, which has been rewarded by the addition of the territory of the MRC de Rouville to the territory of La Vallée-du-Richelieu.

It is with great pride and honour that I have accepted the position of Executive Director of CAE Capital.

With nearly 20 years of service, this constitutes a wonderful challenge and opportunity, especially when looking at the size of the shoes I have to fill. Mr. Aubin – Michel for those who are familiar with him – has been an extraordinary, invaluable manager, colleague and friend. His unique way of getting things done, his experience, and his desire to help others will be missed. I can only hope to be up to the task considering the multiple commitments in which he has been involved and his outstanding contribution to the economic development of this region. My consolation is that he will always be present with us with his 36,000 ongoing mandates, committees, and commitments. I already miss him, knowing that he is leaving us.

Over the past 26 years, Michel has built this amazing organization which he is now entrusting to me. I thank both Michel and the Board of Directors for their confidence in appointing me as the head of this great family. In this new role, I am committed to making each day one in which the Board, our team, our clients, and our partners will be both pleased and proud to work with us. Each day will be one in which everyone will find what he needs – an open door, advice, an attentive ear, and lots of Canadian dollars!!! I am committed to perpetuating the seal of excellence that my friend and predecessor Michel Aubin has endowed upon this region.

The past year was highlighted by a succession plan which was launched in October 2016 and also by the excellent results which our team was once again able to deliver. Approximately $9.4 million in loans were granted for 49 projects last year, bringing our total to $109 million in loans granted since our foundation and 398 jobs maintained and/or created. More than 100 female entrepreneurs were assisted in their entrepreneurial initiatives, and 224 entrepreneurs were guided and monitored in launching their enterprises.

2017-2018 is promising despite a slight downturn, which we will attempt to catch up. Our challenge is now to complete the team with a new Financing Director and to maintain our  continuously expanding level of activity. To this end, this year we have welcomed two new members to our wonderful team. They are Jessica Plante, an administrative assistant and Michel Laviolette, business counsellor.

Regretfully, Laura Fée Langlois has left us to take on new challenges. I hereby thank her for her four years of service during which she contributed to our success.

I have nothing but praise our team’s extraordinary work. In spite of the changes, everyone has worked together to make this organization a performance leader in its sector. I thank you all for your commitment and for your trust. I also thank all 11 of our Board members whose added and diversified expertise contributes so much to making our organization so competitive. Finally, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your 220 hours of volunteer work.

Nathalie Dubord
Incoming Executive Director

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