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Our proud leader, Nathalie Dubord

Congratulations to our executive director Nathalie Dubord, who was presented the fière dirigeante [proud leader] award by her peers in the Vallée-du-Richelieu business community at the Gala Grand Richelois held November 21, 2019 in Belœil. The award is a testament to her dedication, passion and exemplary professionalism.

As a woman in leadership, Nathalie believes that the strength of a team is built on the unity, cohesion and solidarity of its members. She heads a lively and dynamic team—a true force of nature—that supports and dreams up solutions for improvement and provides unflagging personalized support for business owners. The professional and collaborative approach favoured by CAE Capital Rive-Sud is perfectly suited for the hectic lives of entrepreneurs seeking financing or guidance.

CAE Capital Rive-Sud team members, left to right: Brigitte Demers, Administrative Assistant; Annie Bahl, Business Advisor; Toby Gauld, Board Member; Nathalie Dubord, CEO; Nathalie Berthiaume, Board Chair; Jane Lagacé, Accountant Technician; Jacques Laliberté, Board Member; and Nssr Tribak, Director of Financing

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