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A Word from the Executive Director

The theme of the 2017-2018 annual report was RENEWAL – the RENEWAL of our service offer, of our strategic positioning, of our administrative and governance practices; the RENEWAL of our portfolio, of our team, and of a portion of the membership on our Board of Directors. With all of those RENEWALS implemented and integrated, 2018-2019 has been a magnificent year for AGILITY.

In fact, very favourable economic conditions have given borrowers vastly broader access to financing sources. Our AGILITY has enabled us, despite everything, to find a select spot in this market and to end the year with very, very good results. We have been rapid in processing requests. We have been flexible and adaptive in this highly competitive market. Our new revolving credit financing option has enabled a few enterprises to double, even triple, their sales. Finally, despite prevailing labour shortages, we have demonstrated AGILITY by surpassing our goals by encouraging more individuals to choose entrepreneurship.

In 2018-2019 our team issued $10.5 million in loans across 47 projects in which 580 jobs were maintained and/or created. Our actions have generated investments of more than $21 MILLION. Since its foundation, CAE has invested nearly $129 millions in businesses. This year, more than $30,000 in grants has been made thanks to the Small Business Support Initiative (SBSI) project. In addition to the technical assistance offered to the clients funded, more than 120 new entrepreneurs have been coached in their start-up initiatives, and 285 entrepreneurs were coached and monitored in launching their business through our Cercles d’entraide and Soutien au travail autonome measures. At CAE, more than 3,000 hours of individual and more than 450 hours of group coaching have been given. Added to this are numerous hours of free training provided to our clients. What a year!

The new team used the resources at its disposal and surpassed itself beyond expectation, both individually and collectively. I am extremely proud of this synergy which enables us to offer the best to our clients. It is with gratitude that I wish to highlight the extraordinary work of Brigitte, Jane, Nassr, Kim, Marie-Eve, and Annie. Everyone has worked together to make our organization a performance leader in its sector. I thank you all for your commitment and generosity. Our team did not hesitate to work on behalf of our community by raising more than $3,000 for the Grande guignolée and hundreds of dollars for the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation. Congratulations!

Finally, I wish to highlight the exceptional contribution of our Board of Directors, which is entirely composed of volunteers. This year, the Board has literally propelled us forward, giving us the means to our ambitions, assisting the greatest number of businesses and new entrepreneurs. The Board’s drive, availability, and cutting-edge expertise have helped us to be amongst the most AGILE. Thank you to every one of our 11 Board members: Nathalie, Louis, Édith, Jean-Pierre, Jean, Jacques, Éléane, Ronald, Toby, Rachel, and Mario, our latest addition! Finally, I need to highlight the work of our new Chairperson, Ms. Nathalie Berthiaume. Thank you Nathalie for your exemplary commitment, your attentiveness, and your trust! You have skilfully asserted your new role and distinctively led the Board. Thank you!

May 2019-2020 be an equally great year, and even more!

Nathalie Dubord, LL.B.
Executive Director

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